It’s been A YEAR !



I decided to chop everything off and go natural. A story of an impulsive decision and everything in between/

At the end of November (early December) 2015 I was on the road with my mother. The main reason for us going was to get my vehicle serviced. So we both drove because we decided we would get some shopping or something done while my car was at the mechanic. After leaving the car at the mechanic I had the idea to shave my head. Mommy asked if I was sure I answered in the affirmative. So we went to Hair By Tess for her to remove my crotchet braids (that I had done in early October before a work trip) and wash my hair.


The photo above is really not the best quality (I cropped myself from a group photo) but I really enjoyed these crochet braids. This was my first time wearing them and I think I got a solid month out of them and they still looked pretty good when I went to take them out. I can’t recall if I had gone for a re-curl…but I digress.

After washing and blow-drying my hair. I put my hair in one (I’d say a ponytail, but maybe it was more of a raccoon tail lol). We went to the barber, and initially he thought I was there to get my eyebrows done so he was about to tell the man that was waiting to allow him to just do my eyebrows first; but I let him know I would be doing much more than that. He asked me several times if I was sure about this and asked me the style I wanted. I didn’t want to look too bald, so I opted for a tapered cut – low in the back with a bit of hair at the top).

Just to make sure I was serious about it my mother stopped at a hair store and got me sachets of Curls Unleashed products so I could “do something with the hair”… since I was going out later that evening. My mother was the only one who knew what I was up to, my boyfriend had no idea I would be doing it (I had been spoken to him once about cutting my hair) and neither did my father (who was also pretty shocked and had to rub my head several times before coming to terms with it lol).

So I did it. I cut everything off… as clumps of hair fell my mother looked at me and said “never knew I would see the day you did this, how you love long hair”. It also didn’t help that every time more hair fell the men in the barber shop were exclaiming “she a cut off all that hair”. I reflected for a moment on really how fascinated I was with having long luscious locks even as a child… even though when I eventually relaxed my hair all I did was wear my hair in a bun.

From this …


To this…

A photo I posted to snapchat later that evening.


So, before I went out I stopped by the Jamaica Pegasus to use their bathroom facilities. I’m not sure why, but every time I want to use the bathroom when I’m on the road I prefer to go to the Pegasus; and just so they don’t think I only come to use the bathroom, I also go to the cafe` quite a bit lol.  After mommy took me to get the car I popped by the hotel to change my top and apply my sachet of hair products… I became a new person in the bathroom at the Pegasus lol … then I headed to my outing. My boyfriend and his family were pleasantly surprised at the drastic change.



Since that day I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my newly natural hair and I have moved through tons and tons of hair products (which you’ll read more about in other posts).

It doesn’t seem like my hair is growing very much and many times I’m tempted to get back into a tapered cut… but my vision of myself wearing a huge afro and a dashiki dress banishes the thought.


The above photo shows a bit of growth throughout the year but I WANT A BIG AFRO ! Lol. I haven’t taken a proper photo of today’s hair because I haven’t really been combing my hair these past few weeks and it wouldn’t do either of us any justice for me to put up a busted photo of the one year hair. I will do a new year post (January 2017) though and perhaps try a new hairstyle for the new year.

Honourable mention must go to Dale, who having picked up photography as a hobby a while back, decided to do a natural hair shoot with me and my real deal, copper blue steel friend (who also happens to be his girlfriend). As insignificant as this may seem it helped me to come to terms with not having hair. I have some aunts who believed that your hair was your beauty and seeing them go through a phase of denial as they lost their hair made me really want to break from that mould. However, this is easier said than done. The first few months of my tapered cut were probably the most difficult (especially as it grew and my products no longer worked well).
Big up to Dale and (self-taught) Revlon certified make-up artist Yanique !


More photos from the shoot (and all his other cool photos) can be viewed on his website: and Instagram Page : @dashanthonyphoto

Here’s to another year of confusion and trials … but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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